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Consistent Schedule
Please list the days and times of your established scheduled.
Is a consistent tutoring scheduled being maintained by you and your student? *
A consistent schedule is at the heart of effectively coaching and sustainably improving our students' academics! (be sure to include if the days/times of the sessions change frequently)
Organization & Session Preparedness
Instrumental to the efficiency and value of each session.
This is a foundational habit for any successful student.
Conceptual Proficiency and Study Skills Progress
Unearthing and communicating what habits/behaviors can be improved will deliver invaluable benefits for a student.
This feedback is invaluable to the student's sustainable success. Please include what measures you have taken or suggested to remediate these persistent issues.
We should have access to the student's grades so we can quantify the results of our in-session efforts.
These fields are not seen by parents; only reviewed by management.
Candid, constructive conversations with parents are always valuable to the tutoring process, as it enables instructors to manage expectations properly and to speak freely about concerns - however small or large.
Candor is appreciated. If you have any complaints, doubts, concerns, etc., this is your opportunity to convey these important matters to management.