Nima Baha, Co-Founder & President

Erik Nikravan, Co-Founder

Jessica Chiles, Accounts

Accountability & Mentorship

Once asked how Scholastic Success measures its success, cofounder Nima Baha answered, "by the frequency and the sincerity of our clients' word-of-mouth referrals.  There is no greater testament of our devotion to customer service and to educational quality than one of our clients recommending us to one of their friends or family."

We have established a culture centered around quality customer service and strategic educational support.  Scholastic Success takes the time to identify the goals of the services sought by its clients and works tirelessly towards those aims.  Scholastic Success evaluates each student's conceptual proficiencies, test-taking strengths/weaknesses and study skills/habits to formulate a tailored plan to improve his/her performance. A student is then matched with a highly trained instructor possessing pertinent domain expertise and an ideal personality to achieve his/her academic goals.  Our instructors are trained to develop strong social contracts with students so the appropriate levels of accountability and mentorship are established for tutoring and test preparation.

Nima Baha and Erik Nikravan tutored, homeschooled and prepared students one-on-one and in classes for standardized tests (ISEE, SSAT, PSAT, SAT, ACT and LSAT) from 2001 through 2003.  Several families, whose children worked with Nima and Erik, encouraged the two young men to establish an education company to serve the Dallas community.  While in graduate school for engineering and business (Nima) and law school (Erik), the two formally established Scholastic Success LLC.  Scholastic Success was the first Dallas service to provide families certified subject and standardized test preparation instructors in the comfort of their homes, while backstopping its services with the professionalism and continuity of a company.  

How We Started


When Nima and Erik first established Scholastic Success in 2003, their services included high quality one-on-one subject tutoring and standardized test preparation.  In 2009, Scholastic Success expanded to the Austin and Nashville markets, working closely with families and area schools for the benefit of students seeking better study habits, higher grades and stronger standardized test scores.  

In recent years, Scholastic Success has broadened to deliver valuable educational consultation for a multitude of academic environments,  from homeschooling for students in unconventional situations to customizing SAT/ACT preparation programs for private/public schools,  as well as district-wide AP exam review programs and relevant study skills workshops. Scholastic Success has also been asked to consult schools on other ways to increase their average SAT/ACT scores and their number of National Merit Scholars.  Further, private schools have commissioned Scholastic Success to design effective ISEE preparation programs and study skills workshops, and a major university asked the company to produce and to host a comprehensive college admissions workshop.

Today, Scholastic Success serves families and schools in Austin, Dallas, Nashville and New York.  Their team has created proprietary curricula for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, ISEE and AP Exams preparation and has rolled out these lesson plans in one-on-one sessions and in school-wide programs.  Scholastic Success' fundamental motto, "mentoring success one student at a time," continues to be cornerstone of all the services it offers and Scholastic Success' staff cultivates strong, lasting relationships with the families and schools they serve.