Subject Tutoring and Test Prep Tutoring Positions


Seeking to hire professional, young men and women interested in training to tutor and to mentor students effectively to perform their best in their academic subjects and on standardized tests, such as the SAT/ACT.   

To apply, please send the following to In the Subject Line of your email, please write: Scholastic Success Applicant. 

  • Resume

  • Unofficial transcript(s)

Separately, please complete the application by clicking on the button below.

Regardless of experience, a minimum of 4 hours of unpaid training is required, before one is matched up with tutoring clients. Once trained, instructors will typically work 7 – 15 billable hours per week.

Scholastic Success provides high-end subject tutoring and test prep in all subjects for 4th – 12th grade at its clients’ homes.  We continually search for empathetic men and women who are academically proficient, socially inclined, professional, ethical and coachable.  Our instructors gain invaluable leadership experience and develop vital business and interpersonal skills essential for their academic and professional pursuits!

Although there is level of autonomy, Scholastic Success is not a “middle-man,” or broker, between instructors and clients.  Scholastic Success management counsels parents and identifies the areas of need for their children; then, we communicate and collaborate with our fantastic team of instructors to promote our students’ successes.  Our close relationship with our clients and instructors promotes a culture of open, constructive communication and frequent opportunities for improvement and development!

Scholastic Success pays its instructors competitively.  With a few hours of training, our instructors begin earning attractive hourly rates for subject tutoring and standardized test preparation.  After a two month introductory period, instructors are eligible for a raise above their starting compensation.

Employment with Scholastic Success is designed to be fruitful for our employees as well as our clients.  We challenge our staff to excel professionally and expect and reward effective and diplomatic communication, punctuality, dependability, and preparedness.  Scholastic Success works closely with its instructors to develop these skills while providing overarching consultation and support to them and the families with whom they work.  Scholastic Success management and training – combined with our instructors’ fidelity and genuine altruism – provide valuable educational experiences for our clients and employees alike. 

The experiences gained while working at Scholastic Success promote professional and interpersonal growth for our instructors, which are valuable to their future endeavors!