First Session: Subject Tutoring

1st Session Report: Subject Tutoring
Instructor Name *
Instructor Name
Student Name *
Student Name
Parent Name *
Parent Name
Rank the Student's Performance
Session Preparedness *
Measure of Student's readiness to begin upon arrival and additionally, their foresight to identify questions or areas of focus for the session.
Organization *
Measure of how efficiently they are able to produce necessary resources: class notes, text book, past quizzes, etc.
Conceptual Proficiency & Study Skills Progress *
Measure of Student's conceptual knowledge of their current and past materials and additionally, a measure of Student's approach to the course/subject. Discount Student's scores if your consistent prompting and hints were required.
Coachability/Motivation *
Measure of the Student's motivation to receive coaching and help versus the session being an obligation established by the Parent... or the session is a result of the Student trying to get others to subsidize doing their school work.
Session Efficacy *
Measure of the student's productivity and benefit from your session together? This is not a grade of your intentions or efforts but instead, a measure of the value of the session towards the student's upcoming assessment(s).
Established Consistent, Weekly Schedule
Was a consistent, weekly tutoring schedule established? *
Between your interactions and requests with the Student and Parent(s), was a consistent, weekly schedule established, per our policies and suggestion?
A consistent schedule is at the heart of effectively coaching and sustainably improving our students' academics!
Please list the days and times of your established scheduled.
Organization & Session Preparedness
Instrumental to the efficiency and value of each session.
This is a foundational habit for any successful student.
This can be the fundamental habit and reason for academic success versus inconsistent or poor performance.
Conceptual Proficiency and Study Skills Progress
Unearthing and communicating what habits/behaviors can be improved will deliver invaluable benefits for a student.
If Student has a major deliverable the next day or two after your first session, the Parent and Student might connote your session with the Student's grade/performance.
We should have access to the student's grades so we can quantify the results of our in-session efforts.
These fields are not seen by parents; only reviewed by management.
It is SS policy that a parental guardian is present for any of our sessions. This is a liability concern for our staff, clients and our company, so please inform us.
Candid, constructive conversations with parents are always valuable to the tutoring process, as it enables instructors to manage expectations properly and to speak freely about concerns - however small or large.
Rapport is a foundational element of creating a social contract with a Student, so they will adhere to our coaching.
Candor is appreciated. If you have any complaints, doubts, concerns, etc., this is your opportunity to convey these important matters to management.